My artistic and therapeutic research is based on the relationship between past and present.

I’m mostly interested in the process of releasing a real autonomy, and an authentic self. An expression of the truth of what is and cannot be hidden and at the same time cannot be said.

The symbol of my work is the circle, a shape without beginning or end that rotates and is constantly in motion and allows expressing that individual and unique truth.

Art must be a contribution to the universal integration because it gives us a more horizontal worldview.
The artist must be in constant conversation with himself and his space.
Seeking a channel between my mind and my heart, I believe that the world is in transition and that art is a mirror of that.

I believe in the power of transformation in the binding and universal love that spreads, I am convinced that art is a weapon of love and the body is the connection tool between the mind and the heart.

Art allows me to be in constant motion with my actions and my ideas and reach the chaos to achieve my own beauty.
Art is a way of healing, a mirror that reveals myself.

Artist Statement

The world is transitioning to a new conscience. Art is facilitating this change because it acts as a mirror of the unsaid and what cannot be said. This leads to an artistic process that searches for the link between mind and heart. I am convinced that art is a weapon of love and transformation.

My paintings start with light traces and slight nuances; then layers are added until I reach the chaos from which beauty is achieved. When I paint, I am in constant movement in my actions, my strokes, and my ideas. My body is the tool that links my heart with my mind.

My work is a path to healing, a state of movement and of stillness. I search for universal integration: I attempt to create a spiral, a symbol that has neither beginning nor end, which people can resonate to, thus helping them resonate with their selves and their surroundings.

My work is a window in which I show human being ́s constant transition. Symbols accompany me, always. In mythology, the forest is a metaphor of the soul. It ́s full of colors and of life, it adopts various forms and is in constant regeneration. It ́s also dark, inscrutable, endless and full of secrets. We could get lost in a forest, but we could find our way by asking for help and realizing that we were not alone. All the creatures in the forest reflect inner aspects of us. For example, trees are the elemental force inside our souls. They are a part of us; and we are a part of them.

A canvas is there to hold the chaos. It creates the space where one can experiment with the extraordinary to bring it to ordinary life.

My studio transforms in a laboratory where images surge and talk. My transformation took place when I became the person I wanted to be. Art started as a testament of my pain and it became a collaborator with that pain. Art is a vehicle of transformation.


Encounters Encounters

She went to various places, places where she did not understand the language or the culture, other places were better known. She was able to look at herself through another window. There, she found him. She and he traveled together to a distant place, in which they understood the language and had some roots. The search intensified. The waves were faster; they learned to stand on their feet and to help each other. The movement transformed them, leaving behind the rigidity and everything that wasn ́t necessary. They stayed with what was important: both of them and the love that united their stories.

Five Five

I am realizing strange things in my genealogical tree, there are a lot of Maries, everybody has this name, Almost all are named Marie, yes, the men are named Marie too, grandparent Sebastian, my husband, he ́s called Jean-Marie, imagine that Marie as a first or second name, or, well, Marie inside the name My father ́s mother is named Anne-Marie, My husband ́s grandmother is named Marie-Thérese, I am named Aurélie Marie Catherine Ivette Stéphanie.

Transit Transit

Once upon a time A flower, in a garden of soft earth, that nurtured Expanded her body, little by little, with flexibility from the strength of the earth, she stood Growing from the leaves fresh and full of strength There, with patience kept growing with strength Exploring All the path To the sky Enjoying the encounters every time closer to the sun Enjoying her strength and energy When one day, After much time, decided to close up little by little to find a new beginning.

Eternal pregnancy Eternal pregnancy

Once upon a time in a faraway world, a free woman that disrobed at the river shore, touched her own self; then looked at herself, first from afar, but then closer, bit by bit, to feel her own self again. She decided to give life, grow here, in this river. It hurt her much. From that pain, two beautiful lives were born, they were very similar to her. They built, little by little, their house close to the river. Little by little, each one grew. The path extended, it became big. The prince disrobed, little by little, to unite with the river, to find, bit by bit, with the constructed house. The balloon pushed by the air crossed the sky. The woman could cover up again in liberty, knowing that nothing happened when the sun ́s shadows dropped by the river, so that the moonlight could illuminate her family, with her loving warmth, and they could all rest in peace.

In shape In shape

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In my work with families and children, I’m finding new languages in this ‘accelerated’ world in which we live in. Our everyday life is busy; our society has created routines to achieve our personal goals, and this can make it a challenge to find a place with our children and for us as individuals. As an expressive art therapist, I want to give sense and reason to feelings and emotions, to make them flow between the heart and the mind.

My challenge is to share the tools of my own process as an artist for bridging worlds between parents and children. I try to engage adults to play and create first and then with their kids. Art helps us to become more conscious, to realize who we are so we can change.

I believe that it must be very difficult for a parent to stay open when their child is diagnosed with autism or any other labels; for that reason, I intend to be a messenger that has the right words and tools for the parents to understand––without making them feel judged or attacked. Additionally, art can be used as a tool of communication with their children. The creative process transforms chaotic moments into artistic expression. When we enter this moment of alternative experience, we do it transforming the chaotic moments into moments of artistic creation. Thus, art increases the quality of the relationship.

Kids have shown me how a brain can work in many different ways. I had the opportunity to do art therapy in a school in Lima with children with autism, Asperger, and with highly gifted children. There, I learned to work with people with different diagnosis. I also understood the importance of structure, and how art provides the steps to help them communicate with themselves and with the world around them, helping them deal with the multiplicity of their experiences because of the particularities of their brain.

To be highly sensitive is nothing more than having a qualitative difference and a specific arrangement of the personality. It is an intense intelligence that has a multi-branched mode of thinking. It is limitless thought, which cannot be stopped and it’s also very powerful because it gives off a high level of energy and creativity.

“High sensitivity” children may possess insufficient skills to interact in the material world. I use a basic approach with them. The focus is to direct them toward the possibilities of the specific situation, in terms of material and the person involved, instead of focusing on the perfection of the performance. The emergence of beauty in a work and its emotional impact are rarely connected to virtuosity, rather to the artistic work as an adequate solution. Because of this, I focus on the resources and the skills, not on the problem.


Learn from the past, prepare for the future, live in the present.
Thomas S. Monsoon

When “A touch is a blow, A sound is a noise, A misfortune is a tragedy, A joy is an ecstasy, A friend is a lover; a lover is a god, And failure is death.”
Pearl Buck

Art heals by accepting the pain and doing something with it.
Shaun McNiff


Working with kids and family

When psychologists are saying: “You are smart but that’s not the problem”.

When adults become parents of children they don’t know how to relate to, they look for answers. They then receive from society diagnoses like Autism, Asperger, and if they are lucky, highly gifted children.

I want to help those diagnosed and their parents make sense of their situation. Some of the characteristics of these types of people are as follows:

  • – Have great attention to detail.
  • – Have difficulty organizing their ideas.
  • – Their thinking is branched.
  • – Have great power of abstraction.
  • – Difficulty developing ideas.
  • – Love of truth.
  • – Hypersensitive to justice.
  • – Selective memory.
  • – Rejection of routine.
  • – Varied interests in life.
  • – Difficulty deepening the ideas.
  • – Highly developed oral expression skills.
  • – Disinterest in literal writing.
  • – Great critical thinking.
  • – Severe criticism towards others.
  • – Ability to invent new procedures.
  • – Resistance to instructions.
  • – Rejection of what is allowed.
  • – Desire to achieve a specific goal.
  • – Obstinacy.
  • – Stubbornness.
  • – Incredible intuition.
  • – Vulnerability and lack of confidence.
  • – Great empathy.
  • – Fantastic energy.
  • – High level of frustration.
  • – Greed.
  • – Great independence of mind.
  • – Rebellion against conformity … and much more

I don’t believe medication or labeling is the answer to find a new language between parents and children. My answer is to open a new way of dialogue through art. Not a recipe, but a new way to interact. The Mind-body separation is the context of modern times, and when separation of mind and body becomes too great, the challenge is to reconnect. We are all a continuation of our ancestor’s experiences and lives. We are moving away from an old way of thinking, leaving the past in the past, finding a more global way of looking at the world, seeing the direction in which the world is going, and adapting to grow in that direction.



From images from a dream,
From creations forgotten,
From notes,
From an object close to your heart,

From an old photo,
Or an image of those unforgettable holidays,

From some words,
from just being,

Everything can be inspiring,
everything can be created,
everything can be a starting point to create and heal…

From your open heart,
From an inspiring music,
From a cozy space,
From a repeated movement,
From the arts,

A line,
A stain,
A collage,
A shout,

Everything inspires me…

Art transforms me

Everything can be inspiring,
everything can be created,
everything can be a starting point to create and heal …

Aimed at: Young and old, men and women who have the desire to create, move, sing, finding new tools, imagine something from the senses. Integrate the body, mind and heart. No previous experience is necessary, just the desire to explore, create and let the surprises of the images invade us.

Objectives: This workshop offers a process accompanied a safe space where creativity can flow. The idea will be to conclude the workshop with a ‘mini’ exhibition of works created through a ritual of submission to the people close to their hearts.